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Christmas and all - WELCOME TO MOMBASA

Dear Kenyans (Sana sana Nairobians) who will be coming down to Mombasa for the December holidays:

1. We people who live in Mombasa live in houses. Our homes. 'Hatulalangi' kwa ma hoteli so stop with the 'Nakuja kesho. Ni hoteli gani poa?'
Imagine unaeza Google 'Hotels in Mombasa' but we can refer you to a few holiday homes and villa owners who do short term rentals (I'll do another post on this.)

2. If you happen to be looking for transportation, number za JamboJet, Modern coast, Mash, Dreamline are also on Websites.

3. Unless you are really close with someone, do not expect them to hire a car for you ndio upige lap nayo. Hata kama unajilipia. Most of you end up binge drinking and fucking up cars mnaacha watu wakisumbuka.

4. Most Coasterians like Nairobians have schedules. Biryani is mostly a Friday dish after a long week and Friday prayers. Usianze kupiga simu Monday saa tatu asubuhi ati, 'Nipeleke nikakule biryani.' No please.

6. Ugali is called…