Don't Do this Twice, if at all you have to.

Here are 10 career mistakes you won’t make twice.

1. Taking a good job for granted.

2. Assuming that your job will last.

3. Taking a new job too quickly.

4. Burning a bridge.

5. Quitting a job in haste.

6. Failing to negotiate for your value.

7. Putting up with mistreatment at work.

8. Chasing a job opportunity to oblivion.

9. Failing to set boundaries at work.

10. Trusting the wrong person.

Even if you try, it’s hard to appreciate a great job while you’re in it. Even though it’s a great job, there are always problems and headaches to deal with. You don’t realize how good the job was until you’re gone. Once you feel that pang “Wow — I didn’t know how good I had it!” you’ll appreciate all kinds of good things — not just jobs, but other good experiences, people and feelings too — more than you did before.



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