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When I signed up to do what I do best, I knew stuff...I still know, but some(stuff),  you learn.
To some people, it's a hard process to withstand, to others, learning is what they ever wanted...(I fall here).
Usually, humans like it when you do something once, and you don't have to redo it again - this is where programming comes in -  but in learning, you have to have the zeal if you need to have skills and knowledge.
Simple example : When you register for 'Blogger' there are tutorials and directions. Depending on color sometimes,  I end up not reading anything but instead click around looking for what I want.
The question is, You want to learn and complete a task or to merely complete a task?
Any wise developer should learn to be patient, giving ear and attention to whatever that concerns him/her in the respective domain.
By learning, you don't have to buy a big book, bulky indeed.. it's that one act you observe being done by somebody better than you, and do not-less than he/she did.

Never expect learning to be a one-off thing, it's the simple thing you do daily.

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The Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) was initiated at the CERN in Geneve (Switzerland), where it emerged (together with the HTML presentation language) from the need to exchange scientific information on a computer network in a simple manner. The first public HTTP implementation only allowed for plain text information, and almost instantaneously became a replacement of the GOPHER service. One of the first text-based browsers was LYNX which still exists today; a graphical HTTP client appeared very quickly with the name NCSA Mosaic. Mosaic was a popular browser back in 1994. Soon the need for a more rich multimedia experience was born, and the markup language provided support for a growing multitude of media types.

Htaccess file know-how will do several things for you:

Make your website noticeably faster.
Allow you to debug your server with ease.
Make your life easier and more rewarding.
Allow you to work faster and more productively.
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